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NEW START VENUE for ladies only ...


 monte no block  


For 2016 Toyrun will be hosted by:



Benoni Northerns Sports Grounds


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ToyRun Gauteng 2016, featuring the Chevrolet Ute Force




TOYRUN recommends the following gift bags as

ideal for the needs of our recipients of all ages:



Toiletry Bags:


1 * Bar of soap


1 * Tooth brush


1 * tube tooth paste


Face Cloth


Deodorant (roll on or spray)


Zip bag (company/corporate logo opportunity)




Stationery Kits:




2 * black pens


2 * blue pens


5 * Pencils (not clutch pencil type)


1 * Pencil sharpener


1 * Glue stick (Pritt type)


Set of 12 colouring in pencils (colours)


1 * Ruler – preferably 30cm length


1 * pencil case which can hold the entire set (Company/Corporate logo opportunity)






Consists of Basic kit plus:


Exam pad(s)


1 * Calculator


1 * Mathematics set


1 * Stapler and packet of staples



Toy Run MC is once again the fabulous Paul Rotheram.


Don't forget: kids need more than just love, they need toys, stationary, toiletries, books, sports equipment  and many other items too.

Do not be fooled by copycats or competitions or collections under the guise of the Toy Run.  


And if you wondered why we do this, please read the letter we received today,

share in the knowledge that ToyRun does make a difference in people's lives.


Dear ToyRun,


Thank you so much. I’m receiving so many calls from  homes and community workers we supported and did Christmas parties over the years though your donations. Enquiring when we are coming!!

I just got a call from ***** that has a day care facility for mental disorders. I did not include her kids this  year. She literally cried “the children love your beautify toys you give us…please come”  They are in the outskirts of Tembisa. It’s so far and roads not good. Its such a mission to get to them. I asked her to call me after the collection and let me see how much we get and if I could accommodate her. She says she is counting on us and plans to do a party on 10 December. We have been there for two years. I still remember the two kids about 15yrs old pushing small plastic cars. When they got these new lovely cars. You must hear their laughter. It’s so sad. Doing this type of job makes you realise how much we have that we take for granted. Also at time we get requests from ‘rich’ parents to allow them to bring their kids to some of our outreaches. It so good to hear how this influences the kids’ lives.


We at **** sincerely appreciate and convey the thanks of all the thousands ToyRun  brings joy to each year. Please convey our love and gratitude to the Bikers, companies that support and sponsor this worthy cause to the management that spend so much money and months of hard work. To all my wonderful friends at ToyRun ***** that does such an exceptional job. We love you so much.



30th Anniversary Delivery

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